When you make a decision the universe conspires to make it happen.

We have a specific investment thesis that targets Hispanic ventures.

Our tenet is finding and working with fundamentally sound and well managed start up and existing businesses in order to provide owners and stakeholders sustainable financial strategies and long-term financial planning.  The Hispanic Family Office offers unique investment opportunities across a number of promising assets classes in the Hispanic markets and Hispanic direct investing opportunities.

J.A.T.   Chairman & Patriarch

The Chairman of The Hispanic Family Office is a first generation wealth creator and would like to remain anonymous to protect the privacy of his family.  He created his wealth after leaving a successful career in the energy industry.

Together with his partners, he grew his portfolio into 23 properties and the group looked to sell the business.  Instead, he took the opportunity to continue building the business and the Chairman decided to buy out his partners and acquire 300 locations.  The Chairman recently sold that portfolio of 300+ location and grew his equity stake created over $100 million in liquidity.  The Chairman has a background in energy and business management.  His expertise extends to real estate, operating businesses with underlying energy components, food businesses, consumer businesses, and fuel stations.

Gregory Tanner

Gregory Tanner is the President of The Hispanic Family Office, helping bring deal flow to the single family office, manage talent, and report on assets.   Greg is the  active founder of Aspen Capital Fund. Greg resides in Denver, Colorado.

Our United States of America Offices.

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