When you make a decision the universe conspires to make it happen.

Hispanic Family Office is a first generation Hispanic family office located in Colorado.  Our core values of Honesty, Citizenship, Knowledge, Spirituality, and Achievement help build a unique and scarce deal flow of the best prepared investment opportunities on a global scale.

 A focus on emerging wealth.

We have built an expertise in guiding the next generation of high-level wage earners, as they embark on their own journey of discovering how they wish to impact the world in which they live and work.

Family, community, language, culture, and the attitudes about work in all those areas are advantages that Hispanics have.   These attitudes drive them to make the most of whatever opportunities to create financial security. Hispanic business owners work hard to support themselves and their families. But Hispanics can be sabotaged by the myths about their beliefs about money, their abilities, and what is possible and impossible.

It is our goal offer access to advice, education, and experience so that Hispanics can grow contributing, sustainable businesses more easily and quickly.

By providing the right information and advice, the Hispanic business owner can take advantage of the most basic and effective tools for scaling and growing their business.




We have a specific investment thesis that targets Hispanic ventures.

Our tenet is finding and working with fundamentally sound and well managed start up and existing businesses in order to provide owners and stakeholders sustainable financial strategies and long-term financial planning.  The Hispanic Family Office offers unique investment opportunities across a number of promising assets classes in the Hispanic markets and Hispanic direct investing opportunities.



For investors.

On a deal-by-deal basis we evaluate potential investments for family offices and high net worth individuals.

We are also uniquely positioned to assist investors who seek direct investments. Our in-depth knowledge of the Hispanic Minority Owned Ventures, Structures and Investment Opportunities will help you focus on your key parameters. From that we can design a set of deal guidelines to use specific to your investment goals and seek out the investment opportunities for you that might be available from those who are in our deal flow database.

Our expert leadership and advice can help founders, managers, and boards transform fledgling businesses into bankable companies. Drawing upon a variety of diverse talent and resources, we offer entrepreneurs the comprehensive concept development, marketing, and support they need while creating long-term value every step of the way.

Gregory Tanner

Gregory Tanner is the President of The Hispanic Family Office, helping bring deal flow to the single family office, manage talent, and report on assets.   Greg is the  active founder of Aspen Capital Fund. Greg resides in Denver, Colorado.

Our United States of America Offices.

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